Nest Protect 2nd Generation

I put a 2nd-generation Nest Protect in the Trailmanor in place of the ancient detector without a battery I found there. Valerie (my wife) is hard-of-hearing, and can’t determine¬†which of my many electronic devices¬†the beep is coming from when smoke detectors start emitting the low-battery chirp. She handles the Nest, which has a clear voice report, much better. And it does carbon monoxide, not just smoke, so it will back up the CO functionality of our LP/CO sensor.

Nest has WiFi functionality, and in theory can notify the user’s cell phone if there’s an alarm. There is an access point in the trailer repeating a WiFi client that goes on top of the trailer, but of course we won’t always be connected to the internet.

The only question I have is how the Nest will handle it if the closed trailmanor gets really hot. Time will tell.


Indoor LED conversion

I got 10 48-LED panels for $18 on eBay, complete with the sockets to plug them into the bayonet lamp sockets on the Trailmanor’s indoor lights and the door light. They work great. They are backed with double-sided tape so mounted inside the lights with no problem. No more big drain on the battery when using the lights.

The only indoor light not yet converted is the bathroom fluorescent, which isn’t working too well – it wants more voltage to go full-on than it should. I will strip the tubes and electronics except for the switch out of that, and will wire about three 48-LED panels inside of it.

Now, to do the running lights and tail lights. Those might be more expensive, but should not be bad.