Nest Protect 2nd Generation

I put a 2nd-generation Nest Protect in the Trailmanor in place of the ancient detector without a battery I found there. Valerie (my wife) is hard-of-hearing, and can’t determine¬†which of my many electronic devices¬†the beep is coming from when smoke detectors start emitting the low-battery chirp. She handles the Nest, which has a clear voice report, much better. And it does carbon monoxide, not just smoke, so it will back up the CO functionality of our LP/CO sensor.

Nest has WiFi functionality, and in theory can notify the user’s cell phone if there’s an alarm. There is an access point in the trailer repeating a WiFi client that goes on top of the trailer, but of course we won’t always be connected to the internet.

The only question I have is how the Nest will handle it if the closed trailmanor gets really hot. Time will tell.