Preventing Rodent Entry

EEEEEWWWW! Read online discussions of RV owners and you’ll find that every RV owner will, unfortunately, have to deal with the issue of rodent entry into their camper. So, it was time to close all of the little holes that had developed in the Trailmanor. I found three places where rodents had definitely entered, and a few possibles. The main one was around the wheel well, behind the bathroom sink. There were also signs of entry around a wire tube under the couch, and the plastic vent panel behind the refrigerator had plastic mesh gnawed out in a corner.  The 12-year-old expanding foam, where Trailmanor had applied it, had turned to powder in some places.

I removed the cover panels in front of the tires, removed the old silicone caulking around the outside of the wheel wells, and replaced the caulking, using an entire caulking-gun tube for each wheel well. Following that, I filled the gaps on the inside with the “Rodent Block” version of “Great Stuff expanding foam”.

Mice can get into incredibly small openings. If they can fit their skull through a space, sans fur, the rest of their bodies will fit. They don’t have collar bones.

These are some of the trouble spots that I sealed.

IMG_20151025_164437 IMG_20151025_164532 IMG_20151025_164512 IMG_20151025_164405 IMG_20151025_164342