Bluetooth Stereo

The Trailmanor didn’t come with a stereo, although it came with speakers, and antenna, and the wiring harness for a stereo. I added a Bluetooth stereo.  We pulled the trailer to Santa Barbara for a week and used the Bluetooth extensively. My Nexus 6 with 110 GB  storage holds an offline copy of our entire music library, so no need for Internet. I listened to a SpaceX launch online while working on the trailer.IMG_20160315_141918I ran a separate low-current fused line bypassing my main battery switch to feed the yellow clock/memory-retention wire of the stereo, since channels and settings are stored in volatile memory and the clock . It doesn’t pull much current, and I keep the trailer on a battery maintainer.

This model is a Pioneer DEHX96000BHS. It has a CD slot behind the front panel, the panel swings down to reach it. There’s an HD radio tuner (some stations still offer HD Radio, although it hasn’t really caught on) and a place to connect a Sirius XM receiver. Besides playing media through Bluetooth, it works as a Bluetooth speakerphone. It has an interface to Pandora (which isn’t really necessary, the interface on your phone works fine) and a custom app called Mixtrax which learns about your music collection and then creates DJ-like segues (pronounced “segway”, it’s when a DJ cross-fades two records) when playing it.

It can pair with 3 Bluetooth devices, which was just enough for our three phones. The three of us all have phones, e-readers and/or tablets, and I brought a laptop, so there were at least 7 Bluetooth devices.

There’s an analog input. There are two USB inputs, and you can plug in a memory stick with your record collection, or it can control the play application on some phones (this may be iPhone-specific).