Boondocker BRC4-60 Converter Not As Specified on Their Site

The Boondocker BRC4-60 converter I received from Best Converters looks very different from the one displayed on their web site and in their manual. Indeed, it looks exactly like a Powermax PPC 60 converter with a Boondocker sticker stuck on it in place of the Powermax one, but costs about $100 more than a new Powermax PPC 75 does (to be fair, that’s an eBay dealer, but one of long duration). Just what did I get for the $100? The blown-fuse LEDs mentioned in the manual don’t appear toIMG_20160315_152755 be on the PC board. It may be programmed for 4-stage charging instead of the 3-stage offered by Powermax with the PPC-75, and it may have slightly tweaked charging parameters, but I can’t tell.

I wrote to Best Converter, and I was told that they went to the metal frame and have to update their photo, and that I do have a 4-stage charger and the specifications are identical to the one on their site, including the higher boost voltage. No mention of the LEDs though. So I guess they have to update the manual to delete them.

Powermax manufactures the Boondocker converter exclusively for Best Converters.

The breakers in the photo don’t come with the unit. The unit comes with openings for 3 Homeline breakers to be installed by the user. Powermax’s design predates the neutral bar used on newer breakers, so when you buy the combination ACFI+GFI breakers required by NEC 2014 for all kitchen and bathroom circuits, be sure to get the ones with pigtails for the neutral wire.