About The Lawsuit: May I Please Introduce My Wonderful Legal Team!

As you probably know, Open Source Security, Inc., and their CEO Mr. Bradley Spengler have sued me for defamation and half a dozen other things. It is obvious legal hygiene not to talk about a lawsuit in process. Meanwhile, you can follow the suit on Pacer, and please allow me to introduce my legal team!

I am incredibly pleased and impressed with my team and their firm O’Melveny. They have done superb work, assembled a very strong case for me, and are a pleasure to work with!

Heather Meeker and I first met about two decades ago and have had a business relationship for a decade. She’s the best attorney for any Open Source matter. I have often worked for her and her clients. So, it was natural that I would turn to Heather when I needed legal assistance. Heather is the author of Open (Source) for Business: A Practical Guide to Open Source Software Licensing — Second Edition and three other books.

Melody Drummond Hansen is a senior attorney at O’Melveny who was an obvious choice because of her previous experience with defamation cases. Because of Melody’s participation, my case is strong and I feel very secure.

Cara Gagliano got her J.D. in 2015 and has already built an impressive portfolio of cases. She does much of the research and writing for my case, and of course has the assistance of Melody and Heather. Cara is doing superb work! I could not ask for better.

Heather, Melody, and Cara are assisted by Marissa Rhoades and Eric Ormsby.

Finally, I have to thank their families, who have supported them while they burn midnight oil on my behalf.

I am so lucky to have all of these excellent people helping me.