I Put Away What I Needed For Disaster – 14 Years Ago

I put away a one-year food kit after hurricane Katrina. That was 14 years ago. And a serious hand grain grinder, a portable outdoor wood stove, a Berkey filter to drink from the pool, etc. And I keep and rotate 4 gallons of cooking oil.

I inspected it on February 14th, and replaced two swelled cans, and one 35 lb bucket of beans.

A one year food kit and the other things you should have on hand  for a disaster cost thousands, but are not at all out of reach of a middle-class family.

Being responsible means that people need to be able to take care of themselves in a disaster, without being a burden to government resources that should go to those more in need, or will be completely overwhelmed.

The failure of the recent grocery store stock-pilers is not only that they bought at the last minute when resources were scarce for everyone, but that they did not plan in advance and get what they would need, when resources were not scarce.

And I trust that after this, the taint of the gun-nut paranoid prepper will not be attached to more sane people who plan for disaster, as I did.