Have Bruce Perens Keynote Your Conference

Bruce Perens is one of the founders of the Open Source movement in software. He is available to keynote legal and technical conferences. See information about Bruce Perens at Wikipedia and the About Bruce Perens page. Mr. Perens has addressed a meeting of the United Nations, and has keynoted many legal and technical conferences worldwide.

There is no speaking fee, but compensation for the cost of travel, lodging, trip cancellation insurance, and associated expenses (such as food, parking) is required and this is not negotiable. Mr. Perens is the sole employee of his small company and can not fund his appearance at your conference from his own pocket.

All airline tickets must be purchased by Mr. Perens and then reimbursed in U.S. dollars. This is due to several unpleasant past incidents when Mr. Perens has not been in control of airline booking. All purchased tickets will be coach class, non-refundable but with cancel-for-any-reason travel insurance, and as inexpensive as possible for a flight of reasonable duration. Trip cancellation insurance protects your organization from having to pay if for some reason Mr. Perens must cancel.

Mr. Perens prefers as much advance notice as possible before appearing at an event.

Mr. Perens can be reached via email to bruce at perens dot com.