Radio Program / Podcast Friday

I am on a well-known broadcast/podcast, I think Friday. If you are concerned that I haven’t given someone credit or that history has been misrepresented: I was recorded for three hours, and what they called me to fact-check would be just a few minutes on the air. The producer was really nice and did his absolute best, and I probably did say what you wanted, and because of time constraints of a 15-30 minute program where I was only one of several guests, very little made it on the air. History was also simplified by the program to make it comprehensible to the audience, for example USENET became a bulletin board and postings became tweets.

I do my best for the community with the press that I frequently have to deal with. Much of the community rarely deal with the press and aren’t aware of the issues, the main one being that I can only very rarely get them to say all that I want, the way I said it, and that my words generally pass through a reporter, an editor, a proofreader, and maybe other people before you read them.

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