Your Safety in the Weeks After Election Day

Not that we haven’t had enough disasters this year, but it’s time to think about the next one, in less than a month. Perhaps none of this will come to pass, but it might be worth having three week’s supplies on hand. Please get them now, don’t wait for everyone else to realize what’s happening and for supplies to grow short.

If it is at all possible for you to vote early, do so. Where I live, every voter was mailed their ballot, and here are boxes operated by the Registrar of Voters in every community, which allow you to avoid the Post Office. I hope your state cares as much that you vote safely.

There is the potential for conflict around the polling places. Trump has repeatedly instructed his fans to go to the polls and watch them very carefully. This is intended to intimidate voters, there is no legal or legitimate purpose for individuals to act as vigilantes around the polls and interfere with voters. They have no authority to inspect incoming voters or interact with them in any way. Expect violence around these interactions, especially because police may stand back and allow them to occur.

There has also been discussion that Faithless Electors may be used. Such forms of outright cheating will definitely trigger rioting.

The result of the presidential election will likely not be decided as quickly as in past experience, due to long-existing rules for the counting of mail votes in various states. Some states are going to wait a long time for all of the mail to come in, and may count it in creative ways (remember “hanging chad” in Florida). There may be unrest due to frustration with the delay and possible actions during that time.

There may be unrest whenever the result of the vote is announced, whichever way it goes. You should be especially careful if you live in a predominantly left-wing area, or near synagogues, black churches, or any group representative of minorities where right-wing people are likely to come to act out. Remember that DHS says, officially, that domestic white supremacists are the greatest danger to the homeland. But violence may occur anywhere.

Of course, it might all be quiet and peaceful, and the major result could be dancing in the street – which I’ll definitely do if it comes out the way I wish.