Requirement for SVG Designer

This is a solicitation I am making to SVG artists. If you can fulfill it, please respond to bruce at perens dot com.

I am making a web remote control panel for two-way radios. Here is the meter I have already designed: I am now making knobs, buttons, and switches. When incorporated into my program, these will move appropriately for the device pictured. I’m not an artist, and could use some help. I worked at Pixar long ago, but was a systems programmer, rather than graphics, so I have some competence, but am not really a graphics expert.

What I would like, to start with, would be a knob. These are a good example: but I would like all of the rights to the SVG produced, and I have some specific requirements because the end result will be animated.

I’d like the SVG to be drawn with Inkscape, as that is easily available for people to modify the SVG. My program uses a canvas with the center at 0,0. I don’t think Inkscape can do that, but I would translate the drawn SVG to that origin for my program. The size of the canvas should be 1000,1000.

The knob should have a layer which is stationary and is a disc with a brushed metal effect and a beveled edge, a specular or distant light effect, and a layer which I will rotate by changing the transformation with my program. The rotating layer will be the pointer on the disc. It can contain other parts that rotate.

I will draw the scale around the knob with the same program that draws the scale on my meter demo, it can draw all sorts of scales.

I would like to be able to change the colors of the knob by modifying the SVG. I don’t know if you can do this, but if the brushed metal effect could be a transparent overlay over a solid color, that would work. If this works out, I am also looking for different styles of knob, and switches, etc.

Can you do that, and what would it cost?

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